Information Security Systems

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Information Security Systems

I need security-related job points for the "software developer" role?


I need how my courses (which are bus control plan& disaster recovery and telecom network security ) are related to software developer job?

For the first question I am giving reference points, please check these and give me points that relate to these: 

Involve in the complete software development life cycle including Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.

• Problem analysis, solution determination, modification and documentation and ensure data standards are reused and enforced across all data-driven initiatives.

• Marinated Oracle Dataguard Databases using OEM l2C GRID CONTROL and DataGurad Broker.

• Clone database systems using RMAN and OEMl2C GRID CONTROL.

• Configured Oracle Memory Modules for better performance.

• Reconfigure Oracle's Parallel Query and Degree of Parallelism for better use of CPU and USER YO.

• Identify and Optimize poor running SQL QUERIES. o Usage of Oracle Utilities - Work And Assets Management Application DBA, Customer Care and Billing Applications DBA, Meter Data Management DBA, Mobile Workforce Management DBA.

• Design, install and maintain complex functions of major database systems including access, allocations, validity checks, security, documentation and tuning.

• Design, implement, and support databases using Oracle RDBMS and develop programs using PL/SQL.

• Conduct complex backup, recovery and query tuning using Data Domain, Legato, Tivoli TSM.

• Build compliant databases, writing scripts in SQL, UNIX commands, and shell scripts.

• Perform complex DBA tasks (e.g.: create databases using complex structures; ensure data security and integrity; perform complex database migrations).

• Usage of AIA FP for integration with Oracle EBS Rl2.

• Monitor and resolve HP Services Manager Tickets.

• Review DB Status and IBM DB2 Databases.

• Review Oracle/DB2 SOX Reports and Oracle Grid Control data.

• Monitor Oracle/DB2 backups using CornmVault.

• Monitor and take action emails in UNIXDBA mailbox.

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