Task#2 Feedback: Helping Others to Achieve

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INDIVIDUAL TASK #3 Feedback: Helping Others to Achieve

Simply Said Chapter 14 “Do you have a minute?” 

Evaluate the scenario presented below. Recall that we reviewed this scenario on the first day of class.* Applying the recommendations provided in Simply Saidwrite a script from the perspective of Juan in which you provide constructive and effective feedback to Jake. Add any details or make any assumptions you need to compose an effective message. (You do not need to write a script for Jake). 

SCENARIO: Juan delivers negative Feedback to an Employee

Juan conducts quarterly performance reviews for each of the shift supervisors. Today, he is meeting with Jake Adelman, who is one of the most popular employees in the company. Jake is outgoing, friendly, and inspiring to his workers. Juan has become close friends with Jake, and they regularly go out for lunch together.

One of Jake’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that each outgoing shipment to construction wholesalers is complete and that all items are free of defects. In the past few months, however, several wholesalers have complained that Jake’s shipments did not contain the correct items. In two cases, nearly every item in the shipments contained defects. Juan deemed Jake’s quarterly performance as “poor” and knew he needed to confront Jake about these problems.

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