How Can Uber Improve Its Customer Relationship Management

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A 30 pages PPT(including comments showing what to say during the presentation) for 30 minutes presentation and Project Proposal. 


This presentation must include: 

a)  Project Statement and Objective

b)  CRM problem that you will solve

c)  Proposed solution/technology that will be implemented

d)  Who is your Customer

e)  Potential obstacles to overcome

f)   Metrics:  how will you measure success

I already wrote 5 memos addressing these 5 aspects. I will attach them in case you need but you do not have to follow them exactly. 


The presentation will be a summary of the topic questions addressed in the weekly memos (Which I attached in the files). 


The project proposal will follow this template:


Project Statement and Objective:

Articulate and define your objectives; briefly describe what you will accomplish if your proposal is selected by your Company’s Senior Management team. Describe the system in your own words. List some of the issues your company will resolve using the CRM system. 


Problem(s) to solve: 

If the system is being recommended, then list the specific business problem(s) that it will resolve. Try to restrict the problem(s) to 2-3 specific areas in order to gather the research material. If you feel that you can identify a problem related to other long-term Company objectives, then go for it. Just ensure that you identify how CRM principles will benefit that organization. 



List your initial thoughts regarding the solution(s). Is it software, hardware, process improvement or all combined? What is the technology currently used by your company or what should they use? In some situations, this section might need to be completed later, unless you have all of the details.


The Customer:

Give some ideas of the type of customer your solution(s) will target. State why and how the customer might be affected by your solution.



At a high level, list those areas that you feel your research will cover: marketing technologies, hardware, process improvement, etc.



List your thoughts regarding problems/issues that you may encounter as you research your solution and how you are going to resolve them.



How are you going to measure the success of your solution(s)?


General requirements that should be considered:

Formulate a solution based on your understanding of the problem at hand. The solution can be software-based, additional hardware, restructuring of business processes, training or anything that we will cover in this course. From your research, work experience, other classes, or training seminars, if the solution is software or hardware-based, what will it be? Address the benefits to the company. While we are not interested in software or hardware functionality in this course, feel free to briefly list the features to make your case to senior management. Discuss steps to roll-out the solution (think in terms of a project plan). Who should sponsor the project and why? How will you “market” the new solution to your organization? How will you measure customer satisfaction? What metrics should be used? Access the risks associated with introducing the new solution or those issues that emerged if you implemented a solution. What is the cost estimate for implementing your solution? Estimate!!

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