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Answer the question/short answer in the document.


Need an e-commerce major tutor help.



Part 1. Multiple choice questions


What is NOT an advantage of using mobile app-based platform? Your answer: ________

Ubiquitous accessibility

Ease of use

Flexible functions

Less disruption by other services

None of the above are the advantage of using mobile app-based platform.


What is NOT true about Tesla? Your answer: ________

Currently it has the third highest market capitalization in the U.S.

It markets B2C.

It markets B2B.

It acquired a solar energy company.

All of the above are true.


What is a cause for data breaches? Your answer: ________

Employee error/negligence

Accidental e-mail exposure


Insider theft

All of the above



Part 2. Short answer questions – Answer in 1-2 sentences.


2-1. Define the following terms:







Virtual reality



Augmented reality



Web 2.0




2-2. What is the main difference between Internet and WWW?



Part 3. Short essay questions – Answer in 2-3 sentences.


3-1. What does it mean to “create value” through marketing activities, and why is it important?

3-2. Based on our in-class discussion about Amazon brick-and-mortar store, discuss why you think Amazon opened a physical store in the era of e-commerce?

Part 4. Essay questions – Answer in 1-2 paragraphs.


4-1. First, briefly compare the old definitions of marketing and the latest definition of marketing. Next, based on what we’ve learned so far, discuss in your own words what can be added to create a new definition of marketing.

4-2. Use at least 5 of the following keywords to write an essay about a topic chosen by yourself: Brick-and-mortar, Internet, Mobile, Platform, IoT, Wearable technology, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Consumer, A.I. Please UNDERLINE the keywords that you used. Write the title of your essay.




Essay contents (underline the keywords):

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