SYC 114 Assignment 1 Nature vs. Nurture Position Paper

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Nature vs. Nurture Position Paper STEP ONE: The authors of the textbook introduce the debate between the role of nature (i.e., the influence of genetics and the presence of certain innate qualities) and nurture (i.e., the importance of experience on knowledge acquisition). In your position paper, address is you feel nature or nurture more strongly influences our preferences, personality makeup, intelligence, etc. Provide an example from your life experience(s) to support your assertion. STEP TWO: After you decide, review the twin research by Thomas Bouchard of the University of Minnesota. Studies of twins reared apart provide a fascinating introduction to the complex interplay between nature and nurture. He studied identical twins separated at or shortly after birth and then reared apart, often with no knowledge that their twin even existed. Because the twins were all identical twins, they share the same genetics, meaning that any differences in the behaviors under investigation are more attributable to environment (nurture) rather than genetics (nature). Bouchard located these separated twins as adults, and found remarkable similarities in certain areas, particularly with regard to personality and personal preferences. For a detailed description of the “Jim twins” and their amazing similarities, visit the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research at Also, it is strongly recommended that you watch Three Identical Strangers (available on Hulu with subscription and other streaming services as a rental). STEP THREE: In your position paper, address how the findings fit with the nature versus nurture controversy. Have your opinions shifted? Your Paper will be 1 ½ - 2 pages, 12 pt. font, with 1 inch margins. APA format is expected. As such, citations and corresponding references should be included. 

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