Community Practice - Discuss what a community of practice is

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Community Practice

Q1. This week we focus on some additional terms for IT users.  This week lets discuss what a community of practice is.  Why are they important and how can they impact the culture within an organization?

Q2. Chapter 10 – Review the section on the IT leader in the digital transformation era.  Note how IT professionals and especially leaders must transform their thinking to adapt to the constantly changing organizational climate.  What are some methods or resources leaders can utilize to enhance their change attitude? (Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

The above submission should be one-page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.

**Remember the page length does not include the APA cover page or any references**

Q3. This week select an organization that has a Global platform (they operate in more than one country), that has demonstrated operational excellence.  In this paper, perform the following activities:

  • Name the organization and briefly describe what good or service they sell and where they operate.
  • Note how they are a differentiator in the market.
  • Note the resources used to ensure success in their industry (remember resources are comprised of more than just people).
  • Explain what actions the company took to achieve operational excellence.

The above submission should be three pages in length.  Remember the total length does not include the APA approved cover page or the references.  There should be at least three APA approved references to support your work. 

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