Assignment 2: Case Analysis—Google In China

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Governments play an important role in business decisions and business operations. The case study in this assignment provides a fascinating view of the business environment in China.Read the following case study:

  • Google in China: Finding Creative Solutions to Cultural Differences

Analyze the case. In a 3 page case analysis, address the following questions:

  • What is the basic situation described in the case? Summarize the Google experience.
  • There are many cultural differences between the US and China, one highlighted in the paper is on censorship. Discuss the meaning of the Pew Internet & American Life Project about internet censorship in China.
  • What do you see as potential issues with the Chinese policy of censorship when it comes to access of information?
  • Hofstede’s cultural dimensions model present an interesting way to evaluate the cultural differences between societies. Using the information in the article and Chapter 2 of your text discuss how use of such a tool would be of benefit to business, especially in a country such as China.
  • Google’s philosophy of “do no evil” seems to be greatly challenged by the Chinese policy of censorship. Present an argument either for or against Google’s chosen course of action.
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