Maternal Child Care Of Nursing

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Maternal Child Care Of Nursing

Module 05 Content

  1. Purpose of Assignment
    The goal of creating a newborn nutrition teaching presentation is to prepare the nursing student to provide evidenced based education to the pre and postpartum client on lactation.
    Select safe, effective nursing interventions for the postpartum client and newborn.
    Create a teaching tool to promote breastfeeding. The material created to educate new mothers on breastfeeding will influence the mother’s decision to breastfeed, including duration, based on the quality and content of the teaching.
    Assignment Requirements
    Your teaching tool will be a trifold and must include this relevant content for a mother considering the risks and benefits of breastfeeding a newborn.
    • Explain how breast milk is formed in the mammary glands and the physiology of breast milk
    • Include two 2020 National Health Goals related to newborn nutrition to support breast feeding as the best choice. See the link below:
    • Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding related to immunities transferred to the newborn
    • Describe three additional benefits of breast feeding with supporting rationales
    • Include at least two supporting resources
    • Document must be written
    • Format
    • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
    • Logical, original and insightful
    • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
    • Submit document through Grammarly to correct errors before submission
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