SPT710 Milestone 1 - The real-world working environment

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3-3 Final Project Milestone One: Your Place In The Sports Industry (Norfolk State University)

SPT 710 Milestone One  

Overview: The real-world working environment is dynamic and complex, and some things can only be experienced in an authentic setting. Your academic training has prepared you with both the foundational and more specialized information you need to join the sports industry as a valued player.

Prompt: In this assessment, you will reflect on your internship experience and answer the following questions about your host company, your duties and responsibilities, and new job opportunities.

Specifically, address the following critical elements:

I. Your Place in the Sports Industry A. Host Company

I. Describe the organization where you are doing your internship and explain why you chose this company. II. Diagram the organizational structure of your host company location. Include an organizational chart that shows management positions

and departments and where you are in the organization. III. Examine the interrelationships of functional areas in the company and how they work together.

B. Duties and Responsibilities Within the Organization I. Compose a job description of your internship with details of specific duties and required knowledge. II. Relate what you learned/accomplished during this internship and how it will benefit your future goals.

C. Identify New Job Opportunities I. Prepare targeted resumes and cover letters for three actual jobs you are interested in. Include the job posting for each.


Guidelines for Submission: For this milestone, submit a 5- to 7-page paper (in addition to a cover page and references) with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. In your paper, address each of the critical elements listed in Sections IA and IB, citing appropriate academic references as necessary. Use APA citation style. Then include the three resumes, cover letters, and job postings per Section IC.

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