Big Hammer, Inc., manufactures and distributes widgets

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Big Hammer Inc.

Warehousing Functions

Big Hammer, Inc., manufactures and distributes widgets. Manufacturing occurs at its Los Angeles, CA, plant. It distributes from two separate locations. One of these locations is in Kansas City, MO, and has been part of Big Hammer for many years. The other location is in New York, NY, and is the surviving portion of Paulex Co., a distribution company just purchased by Big Hammer.

Instructions: Explain the issues for Big Hammer Inc. and provide a solution.


Within the Kansas City warehouse, Alana has observed two different order fillers attempting to fill orders for the same item, from the same empty shelf.


Hanging around the warehouse, Alana observed that receiving was done on a manual basis, and there wasn’t always a copy of a PO in the warehouse to support incoming loads.

Alana noticed on several occasions that when the receiving staff members did not have all appropriate paperwork for an item, they would simply put it away or move it off to the side. Then later, or the next day, they would hunt down all of the appropriate documentation and turn everything in to the data entry people for entry into the system.

CDWS 1600 Warehouse Technology Skills Rev.  

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