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Select the appropriate option for each sentence.

To be a good one you have to have a lot of musical talent.

When you play the violin, I remember Luisa.

I like them more than tragedies.

Antonio wants to make one.

I heard your favorite published a few stories this year.


3 Conditional

Fill in the blanks using the conditional tense.


Susana would sing (sing) with you tomorrow.

I (accompany you) with pleasure to the show, but today I cannot.

What award will they (give) us?

You (play) the role of the main character!

Maria (must) put those tissues on the wall in the dining room.

My boyfriend (wanting) to learn to play ten instruments.

Camila and Daniel (leave) the theater soon.4 Conjugate


4 Conjugate

Fill in the blanks with the correct conditional forms.

say (we) 

paint (you) 

put (you) 

put (we) 

do (we)


5 Pluscuamperfect subjunctive

Fill in the blanks using the past perfect subjunctive.


It was great that Cesar had woken up (woke up) so early.

We asked you to call us when (you) (see) that drama.

Adriana left the cinema before you (arrive).

Germán's parents expected him to (play) the piano from the age of five.

They wanted us to (appreciate) their music.

The singer did not believe that Carmen (write) the music for the opera.

This morning (we) (get ready) faster to go to college 4. we would have appreciated


6. Perfect Conditional

Fill in the blanks using the conditional perfect.

Model They would have eaten (eat) fish and salad.

That dancer does not (know) what to do in front of the public.

I (play) the role of the composer.

You (published) your best work last year.

Tonight Catalina and I (go) to the opera with Carlos.

Julia and you (applaud) me much more.

I know my parents (get bored) in the contest.


7 Verbs

Fill in the blanks using the past perfect subjunctive.

There was no one who (could) sing like me.

You (love) the concert, but you didn't want to go with us.

I doubted that you guys already (finished) watching the movie.

With more time, I (dress) better.

We doubted that you will (return) from Honduras so soon.


8. The contest

Fill in the blanks with words from the list.

I would have appreciated we would have lost modern musicians played

Last week there was a music contest (1) in my city. The public (2) much the show but it was snowing all day. My friends and I don't get it (3) for the world! They came (4) from all over the country. In the end all of them (5) together a song.


9 Choose


Select the appropriate word or phrase.

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the great characters in the history of the (1) fine arts ceramic orchestras. Many paintings by this (2) 16th century Italian singer director painter are (3) folkloric masterpieces tragedies. Leonardo first devoted himself (devoted himself) to painting, but later he would also (4) go dance and develop his talent as a scientist and inventor. Leonardo is among the greats of the (5) universal poet culture comedy, like Miguel de Cervantes in literature or Mozart in the (6) dance sculpture music. Without him, the history of art (7) would have been different.


10 Reading

Read the excerpt, then select the appropriate word or phrase to complete each sentence.

Almost everyone thinks that the United States is the country that produces the most films, but it is not like that (it isn't so). The largest film industry in the world is very far from here, it is in India. In the West (West) many people prefer to watch movies at home. But in India more and more people are going to the movies. This country produces thousands of films a year in more than 15 different languages. These films have an audience (audience) of more than 1,500 million people. Most of these movies are low budget. Only 2% cost $ 3 million or more. Most of these films are musical dramas and comedies, where the actors sing and dance.

The country that produces the most films is.

In western countries many people prefer it.

India produces movies annually.

Indian films are made in different languages.

Many of the Indian films are hard to produce.

The people of India like movies.

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