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Model Ms. Gomez: A salad, please.

Yes ma'am. Right away (Right away) I will bring it.

  1. Messrs. López: The butter, please.
  2. Ms. Rivas: The shrimp, please.
  3. Mrs. Lugones: The roast chicken, please.
  4. Your colleagues: Coffee, please.
  5. Your Spanish teacher: French fries, please.
  6. Dra. González: The pork chop, please.
  7. Your father: The mushrooms, please.
  8. Dr. Torres: The bill ( check ), please.


Use direct and indirect pronouns to rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning. Follow the models.

<end_block style = "font-size: 13px;"> Model you are going to show me this afternoon.

You're going to show it to me this afternoon.

Women must buy them. 

Women must buy them.

  1. Children have to wash them.
  2. You can't eat it.
  3. We are drinking them.
  4. You and Marta shouldn't have them.
  5. I'm going to ask you this afternoon.


Match each sentence to the direct or indirect object that each underlined word refers to.

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  1.    the computer the customers the vegetables the restaurant the waitress the it serves.
  2.    the computer the customers the vegetables the restaurant the waiter them indicates ( indicate ) the table.
  3.    the computer the customers the vegetables to me the restaurant The seller us the sample.
  4.    the computer the customers the vegetables the restaurant your father us the recommends.
  5.    the computer the clients the vegetables the restaurant Martín I invites to dinner.

[?] a | A áéíñóúü¿¡ 

[?] a | A áéíñóúü¿¡ 

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