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Question 1


1. Biology students ... a dangerous experiment.


have performed 


have made 


2. Lucas and Nicolás not yet ... their invention.


they have patented


we have patented


3. I ... my cell phone again.


have you lost


I lost


4. Jimena and I have not yet ... the wireless connection at home.


we have installed


they have installed


5. Scientists already ... different species of animals.


they have cloned


have cloned


Question 2: A technological challenge


Complete the conversation with the past perfect of the verbs in parentheses. 

CARMEN Hi, what are you doing? I see you very concentrated. 

GERARDO I just bought this cell phone and I think I already (1) (break it). 

CARMEN Let me see, I too (2) (have) problems with mine. Are you sure that (3) (put) the correct password? 

GERARDO Well, no. I think the (4) (forget). 

CARMEN I honestly believe that you do not (5) (prepare) for the advances of the modern world.


Question 3. Combine 


Combine the given elements and make complete sentences that describe the events that occurred. Follow the model. 


Model: Nobel Prize / for physics / making / breakthroughs / for science 

The Nobel Prize in physics has made great strides for science. 


1. astronomers / detect / new / constellation 

2. an Ecuadorian biologist / discover / five / new / tree species 

3. mathematicians / solving / problem / geometry 

4. the space shuttle / returning / from his last mission 

5. the students / seeing / a shooting star

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