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Complete the activities to review the grammar structure.


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Complete the sentences by selecting the correct form of the verb in the past or the imperfect.

1. The swimming tournament ____ last summer. finished finished finished

2. When I was little (I) ____ all children's shows. saw saw saw

3. Daniel ____ all his things and left. collected collected collected

4. (We) have ____ this house for three years. we bought we bought bought

5. As a child I ____ play in the backyard with my classmates. loved loved loved


To complete

Complete the following sentences using the past or imperfect where necessary. Follow the model.


When ____ (wait) for dad, ____ (ring) the phone.
When I was waiting for Dad, the phone rang .


6. (to rain) when they (go out) to the street.

7. When (I) (arrive) at the store and (be) closed.

8. Suddenly (I) (remember) that (I) (have) duties.

9. Normally I (clean) while my mother (cook).

10. When Andrea (jogging) in the park on weekends, I always (she) (see) my friends.

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