SOCW6060 Week 2 Assignment

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SOCW 6060

Week 2 Assignment 

As you have read, theory guides the conceptualization of the client’s problem and how social workers assess and intervene relative to the problem. However, theory can also shape the self-reflective questions social workers ask themselves. Clients often come to social workers under stress or distress. This then affects how the social worker responds and thus the client-social worker relationship. As a result, Foley, Nash, and Munford (2009) employed attachment theory as a “lens in which to view the reflective process itself and to gain greater understanding and empathy for what each social worker within each unique social work-client relationship can access of that relationship for reflection” (pp. 44).

This week, you will apply attachment theory to the case study you chose in Week 2. In other words, your theoretical orientation—or lens—is attachment theory as you analyze the case study.

To prepare:

  • Review the same case study you selected from last week’s Assignment. (Remember, you will be using this same case study throughout the entire course). Use the “Dissecting a Theory and Its Application to a Case Study” worksheet to help you dissect the theory. You do not need to submit this handout. It is a tool for you to use to dissect the theory, and then you can employ the information in the table to complete your assignment.
  • Review attachment theory and the following article listed in the Learning Resources: Foley, M., Nash, M., & Munford, R. (2009). Bringing practice into theory: Reflective practice and attachment theory. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Review, 21(1/2), p39–47. Retrieved

By Day 7

Submit a 1- to 2-page case write-up that addresses the following:

  • Summarize the assumptions of attachment theory in 2 to 3 sentences.
  • Identify the problem in your chosen case study to be worked on from an attachment theory perspective.
  • Explain how attachment theory defines and explains the cause of the problem in one to two sentences.
  • Develop two assessment questions that are guided by attachment theory that you would ask the client to understand how the stress or distress is affecting the client.
  • Discuss two interventions to address the problem. Remember, the theory should be driving the interventions. In other words, you would not identify systematic desensitization since this is not an intervention guided by attachment theory.
  • Formulate one self-reflective question that is influenced by attachment theory that you can ask yourself to gain greater empathy for what the client is experiencing.
  • Explain which outcomes you could measure to evaluate client progress based theory.

Be sure to:

  • Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.
  • Use literature to support your claims.
  • Use APA formatting and style.
    • Remember to double-space your paper.


Application of System Theory to a Case Study

Social Work Case Studies

Social work theories are very pertinent in the practice because they elaborate the situations of the clients as well as foretell their behaviors, control social workers in the course of dealing with clients, as well as provide social workers with a perspective for interpreting problems of the clients as well as application of proper interventions. Social work theories find out gaps in practice knowledge. For that matter, this work is after applying systems theory to the case of Jake Levy.

Jake Levy is a Caucasian male aged 31 years old married to a 28-year-old female by the name Sheri. The couple has two sons namely, Myles and Levi aged 10 and 8 years respectively. Levy is concerned that his wife is bound to leave him owing to his mean behavior, drinking as well as lack of involvement within the two sons’ lives. From the time he came back from Iraq, he has found it tough trying to enter again into the family as well as the community. He was found to be suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder although does not fully comprehend what PTSD is.

He reports time to time arguments with the wife and takes alcohol to sleep as well as take the edge off. It is reported that Mr. Levi did not find a chance to grow up close to the father since the father was in the military then. Courtesy of his upbringing, Jake has it that real men ought not to show their weaknesses as well as must at all times take up the responsibility of the family’s head. He doubts these negative behaviors are going to negatively impact on his role as a provider, a father as well as a husband.

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