Reflection is a critical skill for social work practice

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Reflection is a critical skill for social work practice. Reflection also allows you to deepen your learning and find ways to build momentum for future endeavors. In this short Assignment, you reflect on your Skills Lab experience and discover ways to carry your learnings forward into both your Field Education experience and your practice.


Submit a 1- to 2-page paper that addresses the following:

• Identify at least one key learning from your Skills Lab experience. Explain the skills you showcased during the Skills Lab Intensive experience and what you considered in your response to the scenario you faced in Day 3 Session 3.

• How did this demonstration show you are ready to enter your field experience? • Explain how you will incorporate these learnings into your Field Education



Note: One key learning from skill lab experience. Advocacy, active listening to client needs

NOTE: The scenario face in day 3. The client came to my office. He was dissatisfied with the other social workers he went to before because they all wanted to be his friends and were not interested in helping him with transportation.

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