In many places, community leaders and government service

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“In many places, community leaders and government service departments have built relationships with other governmental agencies to solve small-town infrastructure needs” (Collins, 2006; Greenblatt, 2006; Rhodes, 1996).  

When these small communities collaborate, the issues that matter include continuing to supply quality public services and citizen satisfaction.

· How can local governments collaborate and continue to provide quality public services?

· How can they continue to satisfy their constituents?

· Provide a biblical based support for your response. Acceptable sources include course read items, peer-reviewed journal articles, and the Bible.


NOTES: Support your assertions with at least 8 scholarly citations in current APA format.

This assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


Agranoff, R., & Radin, B. A. (2015). Deil Wright’s overlapping model of intergovernmental relations: The basis for contemporary intergovernmental relationships. Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 45(1), 139-159.

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Multisector Collaborations

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