Social Policy - Social welfare policy analysis

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Social Policy

This assignment is designed to first help you become familiar with major federal legislations, policies, history, and how legislations influences service delivery, which is a cornerstone of social work services. Secondly, this assignment will help you think critically about the influence of social policy on the lives of many social work clients and the social problems they experience.

Appendix 1

Final paper outline: Social welfare policy analysis

Minimum Page Number: 5-page maximum with a 3-page minimum

Part I:

Provide a clear definition of legislation and policy, explain the different characteristics of each

What is the difference between legislation and policy (give a brief overview)?

Why do we need legislation and policy (give a brief overview)?

Part II:

Chose a social service agency (give a brief overview, population served and why you picked this agency).

Identify a social problem that this agency is focused on.

Identify one current piece of federal legislation that impacts this social problem.

What is the history of the chosen legislation? Why was this piece of legislation passed?

What are the policies and procedures aligned with the legislation that you picked? Discuss and cite source of information

Part III: Policy analysis

Explain how the federal legislation you identified in part II focus on the social problem in addressing:

Vulnerable population (explain your understanding of a vulnerable population and how you came to this conclusion)

Disparities/gap in service delivery, social, economic and environmental conditions.

Who benefit most from this piece of legislation?

April 23, 2021



Does the legislation allow opportunity for states, local governments or other entities to apply for funding to provide services?

What are the criteria required to apply for funding?

Part IV: Conclusion

Explain your views on this federal legislation both pros and cons

Describe how your political ideology and social construct influenced your outlook on the social problem and the social welfare legislation. Address biases and explain how this research have changed your views towards the development of social welfare legislation.

How can social workers actively and ethically engage in the political process to address social justice issues?


*You must attach a reference page that list your sources. Make sure to follow the APA format.

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