Sociological Organizations Research

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Sociological Organizations Research
Essay Assignment: Due May 1

This research assignment/writing project asks you to write an essay describing and analyzing three to five different organizations working to eradicate social problems.
They can be local, national, or international; the final project is worth 60 points toward
your final grade. The information for most organizations can be accessed online at their websites, but you may need to contact some of them.
Please use the list below to
guide your research about the organizations you selected. But write a coherent, well-
organized essay, not lists of answers to the questions below.
Provide detailed information, use complete sentences, and watch your grammar and spelling. Attribute all sources and do not plagiarize. You may use the APA or MLA format for writing and source citations. Check your syllabus and/or Brightspace for the due date and
submit this assignment in
Brightspace via Turnitin.
Here is the research guide list:
a. What are the name, address, and phone number of the organization?
b. What social problem(s) is the organization concerned with?
c. Who started the organization? When and why? (Provide historical background.)
d. What is the organization’s mission? And has the organization lived up to it? Why or
why not?
e. Whom does the organization aim to help?
f. What is the organization doing to remedy the problem?
g. Is the group part of a larger organization, e.g., state or international?
h. Does the group or organization consist of paid employees, volunteers, or both?
i. What are the sources of funding for the organization?
j. Is the organization’s goal reachable and realistic? Why or why not?
k. What have been some of the organization’s biggest changes over the years?
l. How successful has the organization been in reaching its goals in the past and present? What is the outlook for the future?
*Be sure to write this as a coherent academic essay, not as a list of questions and answers.

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