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LED560 Leadership and Strategy

Module 3 Discussion  

The Action Compass

Week 1:

Visit the following page: and read about the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix, or GSSM.

Note: The GSSM should not be confused with the Grand Strategy Matrix (GSM) ( which we will explore further in Week 2 of this Discussion (see below). (be sure that you take note of the differences in the X and Y axes of both tools).

Then, apply the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix to the company you selected for your SLP, discussing the rationale for your choice of:

Overcome weaknesses vs. maximize strengths; and

Direction of resources (i.e., internally vs. externally focused).

Which quadrant does your chosen company fit within? What grand strategy (or strategies) would you choose? Why? Be specific.

Week 2:

Now, apply the GSM to your organization. Is your choice of grand strategy different from the results from your use of the GSSM (in Week 1 above)? Discuss.

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