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LED560 Leadership and Strategy

Module 4 Discussion  

The Culture and Moral Compasses

Week 1

In the Module 3 Discussion, you used the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (GSSM) to determine your selected organization’s grand strategy. After describing several of the most salient/notable characteristics of the culture of the organization you have selected for the SLP, respond to the following (Week 1):

Does the organization’s culture “fit” the grand strategy you selected in the Module 2 Discussion? Explain.

Even if the culture fits the strategy well, is there anything you would change in order to better ensure the success of the grand strategy you selected in the Module 2 Discussion?

Assuming that the culture does not fit the strategy well, what specifically would you change, and how would you go about doing so?

Week 2

In the Module 2 Discussion, you used the GSSM to choose a grand strategy for your target (SLP) organization. In Week 2 of the Module 4 Discussion, respond to the following:

Describe your organization’s stated values.

Discuss how well your organization’s values align with the grand strategy you chose in the Module 2 Discussion (using the GSSM).

Discuss the implications that an organization’s values have for strategic choice.


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