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NU650 Advanced Health Assessment Nursing

Week 14 Quiz 2

Question 1Match the term with the  definition.





Question 2During the genital exam of a newborn male infant, the NP recognizes which of the following findings as normal?

Select one:

 a.Nonretractable or only minimally retractable foreskin

b.Downward bowing of the penis

 c.Nonpalpable testes in the scrotum or inguinal canal

 d.Palpated hydrocele in the right testes

Question 3Menopause is defined as:

Select one:

 a.Less than three menstrual cycles in a 12-month period

 b.Two or fewer menstrual cycles in a 12-month period

 c.Absence of menses for six consecutive months

 d.Absence of menses for 12 consecutive months


Menopause is the absence of menses for 12 consecutive months

Question 4The cone shaped breast tissue that projects up into the axilla is known as:

Select one:

 a.Coopers ligament

 b.Tail of Spence

 c.Central Axillary Nodes

 d.Montgomery Space

Question 5The NP is performing a sports physical on an adolescent male and notes coarse and curly pubic hair spread sparsely over the pubic symphysis. This will be documented as Tanner Stage:

Select one:



c. 4


Question 6The NP will assist a 6-year-old female patient to which of the following positions to examine her genitalia?

Select one:

 a.Supine, with legs placed in short stirrups

 b.Prone, with buttocks elevated in the air

 c.Supine, frog-leg position

 d. Left lateral decubitus with legs relaxed

Question 7The nurse practitioner palpates a woman's ovaries. Which of the following represents a normal finding?

Select one:

 a.The right ovary is larger than the left

 b.The ovaries are smooth, firm, mobile, and almond shaped

 c.The ovaries are firm and fixed to underlying tissue

 d.The ovaries are markedly tender to palpation

Question 8The order of examination of the internal female genitalia is important. Which statement best describes the proper order of examination?

Select one:

 a.Bimanual examination, speculum examination, rectovaginal examination

 b.Speculum examination, rectovaginal examination, bimanual examination

 c.Speculum examination, bimanual vaginal examination, rectovaginal examination

d.Rectovaginal examination, bimanual examination, speculum examination

Question 9Which of the following findings on palpation of the breast is most suggestive of cancer?

Select one:

 a.Multiple round, soft, mobile lumps

 b.Firm round well delineated lump

 c.Firm, non-tender lump that is fixed to underlying tissue

 d.Tender, soft, mobile lump

Question 10Which of the following is appropriate in the preparation of the female patient for a pelvic exam and pap smear?

Select one:

 a.Assure the woman that she can stop the examination at any point if she feels discomfort

b.Instruct the client to drink a glass of water, because the bladder needs to be full for proper examination

 c.Have the woman position her arms over her head so as not to interfere with the examination

Question 11Which of the following is/are associated with an increased breast cancer risk?

Select one:

 a.Heavy alcohol use

 b.First degree relative with breast cancer

 c.Advancing age

 d.All of the above

Question 12Which of the following objective findings is/are consistent with a normal prostate?

Select one:

 a.It is heart shaped with a palpable groove

b. Its surface is smooth

 c.It has an elastic, rubbery consistency

 d.All of the above

Question 13Which of the following responses should the NP use to determine the patient’s gender identity?

Select one:

 a.Identify the most likely gender based on the patient’s dress and behavior

 b.Ask the patient yes/no questions related to sexual orientation

 c.Incorporate open-ended, neutral questions into the sexual history

 d.Provide the patient a checklist to self-identify gender

Question 14Which of the following would be consistent with a normal testicular exam?

Select one:

 a.Non-tender, subcutaneous plaques bilaterally

 b.Testes that feel ovoid and mobile, and slight sensation is felt by the patient upon compression

c.Single, hard, circumscribed, movable mass that is less than 1 cm on the surface of the testes

 d.A scrotal area that is dry, scaly and nodular throughout

Question 15While performing a rectal examination, you note a firm, irregularly shaped mass. What would be an appropriate response?

Select one:

 a.Continue with the exam and document the finding

 b.Instruct patient to return for repeat assessment in 1 month

 c.Tell patient you felt a mass, but it is nothing to worry about

 d.Report finding and refer the patient to GI specialist for further evaluation

Question 16Cervical motion tenderness is associated with what condition?

Select one:

 a.Pelvic inflammatory disease


 c.Carcinoma of the cervix


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