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NU650 Advanced Health Assessment

Week 1 Discussion


Initial Post

Create a two- to three-minute video introducing yourself to your instructor and classmates. In the video, please let us know:

Where you work

Your working experience

Where you are from

Your hobbies

Something about your family

One thing about you that not many people know

What NP concentration you have chosen, and why

Your career goals

To Complete Your Assignment:

Prepare for your video recording. It may be helpful to script out what you would like to say or have some bulleted reference cards.

Record your video using Zoom or any other video tool that you would like.

After your recording is complete, follow these instructions to create a private, unlisted YouTube video. You will need the YouTube video URL for this discussion. Submit your YouTube video URL. The best way to do this is to copy and paste the hyperlink URL for the YouTube video into a Word document. Your faculty will access your video via the link. Do not upload a video file (mp4).

Be prepared by dressing professionally, speaking clearly, and selecting a setting which minimizes distractions.


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