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NU643 Advanced Psychopharmacology

Week 14 Discussion

Complementary Treatment

Initial Posts

At this point: You should have chosen and posted your non-herbal complementary treatment topic.

For this discussion will complete the following in a one-page summary:

Describe the complementary treatment.

What is it?

What are its proposed benefits?

Are there any risks?

Describe access to the treatment - where do you find it, what are its costs?

Is there evidence for your treatment? Expert opinion? If so, what is it?

Based on your findings would you recommend this treatment? If yes, do you have population-specific recommendations?

Use proper citations with APA format.

Response Post

Review two of your peers’ second posts and create a response for each. What did you find interesting? Is this something you would recommend to a patient? If you would like more information, please describe.

Use proper citations with APA format.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded. The described expectations meet the passing level of 80%. Students are directed to review the Discussion Grading Rubric for criteria which exceed expectations.

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