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NU643 Advanced Psychopharmacology

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Enzymes

Pharmacokinetic actions are mediated through the hepatic and gut drug-metabolizing system known as the cytochrome P540 (CYP) enzyme system. For this discussion, you will be assigned one of the following enzyme topics.

Topic 1: CYP 1A2 enzyme

Topic 2: CYP 2D6 enzyme

Topic 3: CYP 3A4 enzyme

Your classmates may be assigned the same topic but you will work on this discussion assignment individually.

Your Assigned Topic

You will find your name and assigned topic in the?course announcements.

Steps to Take

Each person will receive one enzyme topic.

Use the learning materials and readings to distill pertinent information regarding your topic.

Answer the questions as they pertain to the enzyme you were assigned. Include at least two references other than Stahl in your answers.

What is your enzyme?

Why is it important?

What does it do in the human body?

What are the common medications that inhibit the enzyme, including any substrates?

What are the important medication restrictions regarding this enzyme?

Initial Post

Once you have created your summary and presentation, submit under the appropriate discussion thread topic. Your initial post should be in APA format with evidence-based references to support your statements.

Reply Posts

View your peers' presentation posts and respond to at least two classmates. In your reply post, answer the following questions:

What did you find interesting about the presentation?

What did you learn from this that you may not have during the reading?

Are there any aspects of this topic that are still unclear? What do you plan to do to fill in these gaps in knowledge?

DQ2 Psychotropic Drugs


For this assignment, you will choose one psychotropic drug that is metabolized by CYP450 enzymes and complete the following steps:

Create a brief PowerPoint or (Weebly) presentation,?including voice-over, hypothesizing the outcome of prescribing your chosen drug in the presence of its CYP450 inhibitor and inducer.? Note:?Please sign up (free) to use Weebly.

Answer the following questions:

What are examples of drugs that will inhibit and induce the psychotropic drug you chose to study? What will happen, e.g., side effects, symptoms in the patient if the psychotropic drug was prescribed along with either its (1) inhibitor or (2) inducer?

For which CYP450 enzyme/s is it a substrate?

What are the pharmacokinetic considerations when prescribing this medication (absorption, distribution, elimination)? Dietary considerations? Dosing times

Initial Post

Once you have created your summary and presentation, submit under the appropriate discussion thread topic.

Reply Posts (Optional)

View your peers' presentation posts. You may provide an optional reply post if you choose.

Please refer to the? Grading Rubric? for details on how this activity will be graded.

The described expectations meet the passing level of 80%. Students are directed to review the Discussion Grading Rubric for criteria which exceed expectations.

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