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EF310 Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness

Unit 3 Assignment

Unit Outcomes addressed in this assignment:

Discuss the importance of exercise and fitness for different age groups.

Identify common barriers that people of different ages may face.

Course Outcome addressed in this assignment:

EF310-2: Discuss the exercise and fitness needs for clients of varying ages.

Assignment Background:

Exercise is critically important for people of all ages. For this assignment, you will discuss the guidelines and benefits of exercise for clients of different ages. As a fitness professional, your job will be to determine a client’s current activity level and whether they are exercising at levels that promote good health and educate them on the benefits of exercising regularly.


Here is the biographical information about three clients of different ages: Justin (age 15), Jennifer (age 35), and Tony (age 79). Select two of the clients and address all three parts of the assignment for each client. Your assignment must be in APA format and utilize references. Expected length is approximately 2–3 pages.

Part 1: Current Activity Level Compared to the Guidelines

For each of your two clients, summarize the physical activity guidelines based on their age and discuss whether your clients are currently meeting the guidelines. If they are meeting the guidelines, discuss how. If they are not meeting the guidelines, identify where they are falling short.

Part 2: Benefits of Physical Activity

For each of your two clients, discuss at least three health-related benefits associated with achieving the recommended amount of activity as outlined in the guidelines. Be sure to discuss age-specific benefits for each client.

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