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EF310 Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness

Unit 7 Discussion

You will work in groups for your Unit 7 Discussion Board in preparation for your Unit 9 group assignment. You have been randomly assigned to a group; most groups have three members (but you may be in a group of two if necessary).

When you go to the Discussion Board area for Unit 7, you will see two separate Discussion Board links (Unit 7 Team Discussion Topic 1 and Unit 7 Team Discussion Topic 2). Below is an example of what you will do under each area.

Unit 7 Team Collaboration Space Discussion Topic 1:

This area will allow you to collaborate with the other team members of your group. However, you will only be able to see your group members under this part of the Discussion Board.

To begin, you will need to select a case study to review for your group assignment; options are available here: Employers in Action | Tools & Resources | Workplace Health Promotion | CDC

Next, use the Discussion Board area to collaborate with your group members. Decide which case study to review for the Unit 9 Assignment, establish a group leader, and set internal deadlines and expectations.

Unit 7 Team Case Study Discussion Topic 2:

This area will allow one member of your group (the group leader) to post a brief summary of the case study your group selected and why your group selected it. This area will allow you to see posts from everyone in the class. Each student will also use this area to post a reflection about the experience of working with a team and how your team is establishing expectations for the Unit 9 Assignment.

The discussion in this unit will focus primarily on designing exercise prescriptions for health promotion (aerobic fitness).

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