Please watch the provocative film “The Corporation,” which is free on YouTube.

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Please watch the provocative film “The Corporation,” which is free on YouTube.  It is important that you watch the entire documentary. Please select the TulsaLiberty version of the documentary.

 Your paper should be a 4-5 reaction paper that makes reference to your readings and understanding of what is a corporation?

 Below you will find some questions that will guide you as you watch the documentary and possibly reflect upon various theories 

  •  Are we manipulated by corporations? 
  • What you learned about communications and cultural approaches, should outsourcing be permitted?  Thinking of is outsourcing bad for intercultural relations between the U.S. and third world countries?
  • After reading about human relations theory, what obligations should corporations have with their workers?
  • How can we prevent the corporation's use of sweatshop labor without hurting those dependent on the income”?
  • Does the outsourcing of jobs empower poorer nations or exploit them?
  • After reading about Taylor’s Scientific Management model and business and compassion, is our civilization doomed if we continue to use the same business model as we have for the past 300 years?
  • Is there such a thing as “too much profit”?
  • Is it appropriate for Pfizer to be involved in the safety system of the public subway?
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