Part 1&2 - Creating Rule for a Non-Relational Database

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Part 1

Creating Rule for a Non-Relational Database

· Write a reflection to address the following questions:

· What is an appropriate business scenario where a key-value document-based database like DynamoDB would be used?

· What’s a best practice for isolating frequently used items?

· When should you use a DynamoDB Rule compared to other rules, such as Lambda Action and SNS?

Part 2 _4

· After Set up an EC2 instance and install all the proper components by following the tutorial..

· Answer the following questions in a typed reflection:

· Comparison: How does this process differ from traditional in-house server creation? Consider costs, speed, and security.

· Advantages: Given the quick turnaround in technology, how can the company take advantage of EC2 instances in its testing environments?

· Improvement:  What are some possible improvements you would give for the EC2 setup process?

· After installing  WordPress on your EC2 instance and working through the setup, and answer the following:

· Admin Tools: What are three of the included admin tools (listed on the left side menu in the admin panel) in a base setup, and how can they be used to manage content on your site?

· Plug-Ins: How are plug-ins used within WordPress and, other than phpMyAdmin, what plug-in is useful for data management? How is it useful?

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