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NR513 Professional Role Enhancement

Module 1 Discussion

This week insight into the theory that supports nursing and the nursing metaparadigm that includes the four key concepts of human being, environment, health and nursing that promotes a holistic approach to care.

Please address the following:

When reviewing these four concepts are there any that are difficult in achieving success in your current practice?

What are the barriers that create this difficulty? For example, does a patient refuse to change their lifestyle or acknowledge their illness which can make teaching and support difficult?

How do you address these barriers when they arise?


NR513 Professional Role Enhancement

Module 4 Discussion

This module addressed the importance of effective leadership styles to promote both staff support and patient satisfaction. There were many examples of leadership styles provided.

Please discuss which of the leadership styles most represents you and how you will utilize it in practice? Give an example of an experience that would promote this style?


NR513 Professional Role Enhancement

Module 6 Discussion

This week addressed the importance of quality assurance and quality improvement and how they are utilized within an organization to promote best outcomes. As noted in your lesson one of the organizations that evaluate practice to the standards is the Joint Commission.

Review the current National Patient Safety Goals by the Joint Commission surrounding your current practice setting. The following link provides access to the various settings (Links to an external site.). Please address the following questions.

How does your organization utilize the National Patient Safety Goals for practice?

Address a time where your organization had to take initiative to improve an area of safety and what resources were utilized.

Address the outcomes of this initiative and impact on patient safety.

Any new learning based upon review of these safety goals that would benefit your practice setting.




NR513 Professional Role Enhancement

Module 8 Discussion

As we look at the future of nursing we need to continue to advocate for this great profession and ensure we are using appropriate and credible resources to guide our practice.

For this week’s collaboration what are some valuable resources you have learned about in Module 8 and how will you use them in your future role as a professional nurse? Are there any professional organizations you may want to further explore and if so, why?

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