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ECO105 Macroeconomics

Module 2 Discussion

DQ1 Business Types

In an economic system, there are different types of businesses.

Sole Proprietorships: Single-owner firms facing unlimited liability; most common form of U.S. business organization in terms of total numbers: 72% of businesses, but only 4% of U.S. sales.

Partnerships: Multiple-owner firms with each owner bearing unlimited liability; continuity problems exist with death or departure of one partner.


· Legal entities established through articles of incorporation.

· Liability limited to the value of stock holdings.

· Life apart from those of the owners.

· Most important form of U.S. business organization in terms of total sales: 84%.

(McEachern, W. A. (2019). Macro econ: principles of macroeconomics. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, Inc.)


Search the Internet for a business. Explain what type of business you found and list at least 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of that business type in today's economy.

As you reply, think about each company. Do you use this company? Why or why not? Were you aware of the business type? How did you know? Add anything else you would like pertaining to the business.

Make sure if you are utilizing outside sources to document where the information was retrieved. Document those sources in your post/reply.

DQ2 Current Event Article Discussion

Each week, we will discuss different topics relating to Macroeconomics and show examples of real world application through this current event discussion forum.

Each classmate will be responsible for providing an article for discussion.  Please read all directions before posting. You only have to post one article throughout the course, so find your name on the list to learn when it is your turn, and what topic to cover! Everyone will "reply" to the articles posted.

Schedule of current event topics and posts dates (Modules):

Module 1 - Chapter 1 - I will provide the article and topic of discussion.

Module 2 - Chapter 2 - Hailey A., Jessica G., Jeel R.

Module 3 -  Chapter 3 -  Nicholas, B., William G., Sarah S.

                     Chapter 4 - Ronald C., Megan H., Eli S.

Module 4 - Chapter 5 -  Madeline C., Megan K., Matthew S.

                   Chapter 7 - Kennith C., David K.

Module 5 - Chapter 11 - Katherine C., Amber M., Rolanda V.

                    Chapter 13 - Ashlee D., Christian O.

Module 6 - Chapter 14 - Deanna S., Cassandra O., Elizabeth W.

                    Chapter 15- Brian G., Amisha R.

Your task is two-fold:

1) When it is your turn to post an article - Find a current article (6 months old or sooner), provide the link and a short (1 paragraph summary), and the class will discuss thoughts. Your article should reflect the chapter/topic we are discussing. You must post the link to the discussion forum on Monday by 11:55 pm. This will count as a separate assignment, so do not count it as one of your replies toward discussion. This is only when it is your week for the initial reply.

2) When it is not your week to post an article - Reply to other student article posts/summaries. Think about how the topic relates to what we are covering in the chapters. Does this concept affect you directly/indirectly? What are the impacts on economics?

(You are also required to write up a summary of the article, how it relates to the topics we covered in class and your personal thoughts, via a word document. There is a rubric provided under Assignments for the individual assignments. This part will not be due until Module 7, but I want you to be prepared.)

You will receive a separate grade for your post with the article and summary, so it does not count as a discussion reply. If you need more explanation, please send me an email.

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