Human Resource Employees Analysis And Plan

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Human Resource Employees Analysis And Plan

Human Resource Management:

Design employee satisfaction survey and Design employee satisfaction plan. (Canada)

Scenario – Stacey is the vice president of HR at ‘ITFast,’ a midsized IT sector company. She has called for an urgent meeting of HR department staff as nearly 100 employees had given the notice to leave the company in recent weeks.

“This is a long list of escapees….we’re losing them faster than your people can bring them in,” she said, turning to John, the head of recruiting. “Our turnover rate is up to 35%.”

“We are growing — in revenue, profitability, and reputation; I just don’t understand why people are leaving us fast,” said Stacey.

“I need to present these numbers to Mr. Richard Leo (CEO) at the end of the week, and I can’t do that without a theory on what’s happening and a solution to propose. That’s why I called this meeting,” said Stacey.

“This is even surprising given that our work culture is our biggest selling point. We don’t treat our employees just as a cog in the machine, and our company and its managers — Richard included — will listen to them. That everyone at ‘ITFast’ matters.”

PART A -Task: Stacey has hired you as their HR consultant to create and roll out an employee satisfaction survey that will help her uncover the reasons behind employee turnover so that she can put new policies in place.

Your task is to carefully design the questionnaire (10 questions) in the light of theories/concepts/Canadian Laws discussed in the class. You can use any rating scale to design your questionnaire (for example creating ranges for each question - very satisfied to not satisfied at all – refer to the image given below). Use your creativity to design the questionnaire.

• Keep in mind, you cannot ask any discriminatory questions prohibited by law, in the survey.

• For every question include a line or two to explain the purpose of this question and how will this question help you to know the causes of employee dissatisfaction. Avoid lengthy explanations (you will be marked down for that). Include at least 1-2 references for each question you are asking or to support the question explanations.

• You will also be marked down for every question that seems irrelevant/off the topic.

• Create your own questions from scratch any copied questions from the internet and other sources will be marked down. You can check secondary sources only for brainstorming not for copy-pasting.

PART B -Task: based on areas of improvement (identified through survey questions) in part A – create an employee engagement/satisfaction plan for ITFast that will help them reduce employee turnover.

• Your plan should have clearly identified strategies/programs (3 strictly), each strategy should be explained in small paragraphs. Avoid unnecessary length.

• It should be based on HR principals, HR

Assessment Criteria

• ANALYSIS - You will be marked on the thoroughness of your analysis and how well-informed and well thought your analysis is. How creative and unique your proposed strategies/programs are. How well do you know and incorporate both federal and provincial laws in designing a questionnaire and recommending improvement strategies? How many important elements of HR are you covering in your assignment?

• PAPER REQUIREMENTS – Whether students have fully understood the paper requirements. If all requirements are satisfactorily met/fulfilled. Whether or not all questions have been answered

• CREATIVITY: You are required to put the effort into designing a questionnaire that is graphically appealing and has rating scales of some sort. The use of graphics and/or colors will reflect creativity.

• QUALITY AND VARIETY OF SOURCES - For this information to be robust you have to use at least 15 references – Google, Wikipedia will not be considered as authentic sources you will be marked down for using them. You can use company websites, Governmental & provincial websites of Canada, Labour laws both federal and provincial, updated textbooks, and industry papers, etc.,

• FORMATTING - You must include a title page and a list of references for this Exercise. APA style of formatting for font style, line spacing, etc., must be used. No Abstract or Introduction is needed, start directly with part A.

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