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Create a self-running, 10 to 12 minute voice narrated PowerPoint presentation including exhaustive and complete speaker's notes for each slide presented that relates and evaluates your understanding of the Course Objectives (CO) and Key Concepts for this deliverable.

Ideally, your PowerPoint presentation should consist of one slide per Course Objective that presents a summary of the competencies as they relate to the objective and should contain a minimum of one slide per key concept.

Use your textbook, your notes, the course information and your outside research using the DeVry University online library as resources for this graded deliverable.

Review the following information to ensure that your PowerPoint presentation appropriately demonstrates and explains your understanding of the important points and ideas. Be sure to include and document relevant and current real-world examples of the concepts and ideas that you are presenting.

Include a minimum of 10 authoritative references to support your information and ideas in this deliverable.

Use APA Style # 6 (6th edition) as the Style Sheet.

Part 1: Objective G and and Key Concepts 1, 2 and 3 (20 points)

Explain the concept of exporting and detail the process a successful U.S. based high-end tennis shoe business would take to export shoes to another country. Include in your explanation how you would collect information on export opportunities; what steps should be taken to reduce export risks; what are the decision criteria for selecting a supplier for materials; and what criteria should be used for deciding on a location for the manufacture of the components and finished products.

Part 2: Objective G and and Key Concepts 4 and 5 (20 points)

Select a business and develop a decision matrix for assessing the effectiveness of its global sourcing program. Include in your explanation how this business capitalized on regional strengths while minimizing regional weaknesses to promote the success of their business.

Part 3: Objective H and and Key Concepts 1 and 2 (20 points)

Using Theodore Levitt's hypothesis as a framework, compare and contrast McDonald's, The Gap, and Starbucks across three countries and discuss the rationale used by each business to standardize its marketing mix. In addition explain how each business was able to adapt to the local market for each country. Include in your explanation why it may be financially advantageous for each business to standardize their marketing mix.

Part 4: Objective H and and Key Concept 3 (20 points)

Compare and contrast two businesses where one business has been successful marketing to a regional market while the other business has been successful marketing to a global market. Include in your compare and contrast the '4 Ps of Marketing' used by each business noting which elements in the marketing mix can be standardized and which ones must be adapted to suit local preferences.

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