Iron deficiency Anemia - 55-year-old female presents

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Iron deficiency Anemia

55-year-old female presents to your office with fatigue.  She states she has felt tired for many months and thinks “something is wrong” with her.  She denies any rectal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. What else do you need to ask her about?

PMH- HTN controlled on lisinopril 20mg PO QD Family Hx- No family history known as she is adopted VSS and Physical Exam is WNL Hgb- 10.9g/dL (13-18) RBC- 3.53 m/mm3 (4.3-6) MCV- 76 fL (78-100) MCH- 24 pg (27-34) RDW 19% (12.1-18.2) Serum ferritin- 16 ng/mL (18-370) Serum iron- 23 ug/dL (40-190) TIBC- 391ug/dL (250-400) Vitamin B12- 450pg/mL  (>200)

What is your Assessment and Plan for Iron deficiency anemia? Please include specific instructions on any medication and education.




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