Module 05 - Describing a Nutritional Assessment

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Nutritional Principles in Nursing 5

Describing a Nutritional Assessment Tool

Module 05 Content


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Find a dietary assessment tool that can be used either generally or for a specific alteration in health.

When you have found your assessment tool, answer the following questions:

· What is the purpose of this tool?

· Do you believe that the purpose is fulfilled based on the questions being asked? Why?

· In what ways does the tool account for the individual perceptions and needs of the client?

· Is there a nutritional history included? What does it cover?

· Is the tool easy to use? Why or why not?

· Does the tool provide enough information to determine next steps or interventions? Explain.

The writing assignment should be no more than 2 pages and APA Editorial Format must be used for citations and references used. Attach a copy of the assessment tool

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