Discussion - Health Insurance And Strategic Planning

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Discussion: Health Insurance And Strategic Planning

U.S. health insurance comprises a mix of public and private insurers, as well as for-profit and nonprofit insurers, who provide coverage for different aspects of healthcare and for many individuals and their families.

It's time to participate in a discussion to explore how different aspects of health insurance impact strategic planning and financial performance for healthcare systems.

This assignment will help you explain the major types of health insurance and assess organizational financial performance related to nongovernmental payer models. It will also help you evaluate how various insurance models impact financial management and strategic planning. In the course project, it will enable you to complete section 2 (Strategic Planning)—subsections 2A (Financial Management Principles) and 2B (Collaborative Teamwork Integration)—as well as section 3 (Healthcare Reimbursement).

In your initial post, include the following details:

· Differentiate between the reimbursement payments of private insurance and federally supported insurance for services providers (e.g., physicians) and hospitals render.

· Describe at least two advantages and disadvantages of the different payment systems from a healthcare administrator's perspective, and explain how these models influence organizations' strategic plans.


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