Week 10 Differential DX Part 1&2 - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

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WK 10 Differential DX

Please read instructions below

APA format

Must have 3-4 scholarly references with intext citation with in the last 5 years

Turnitin report

Use the case study below to answer these two parts of the assigment

Part 1

This assigment has two parts to it. Write what the 3 differential diagnoses are 150-to-200-word count. Taking into account the patient case study below.

1) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

2) Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

3) Delirium

Case study:

CC “I am having difficulty concentrating and forgetting things.”

HPI: H.B. is a 60 y/o Caucasian Male who was sent for a psychiatric evaluation by his supervisor secondary to the patient having difficulty completing his job due to poor concentration and becoming forgetful. According to the patient, he is an architectural engineer. Secondary to the increased demand and workload, his attention, ability to focus, and remember key details about his job are affected. The patient reports that he is not performing up to his standards due to the increased stress from the job demand. The patient reported having made several significant mistakes with his calculation that, if they weren’t caught early, could have cost a lot of financial issues and possibly his job. The patient also reported that his coworkers are concerned about him not being as productive s the rest of the team. According to HB, he catches himself drifting away during staff meetings, thinking about his personal life, such as his dog or what he will eat later, versus focusing and contributing to the meeting agenda. The patient denies any previous mental health diagnosis or being treated with any medication. HB did report that when he was a child, he did exhibit trial hyperactivities and that his parents had suggested a possible evaluation to r/o ADHD.

Part 2

Reflection notes: What would you do differently with this client if you could conduct the session over??Also include in your reflection a discussion related to legal/ethical considerations (demonstrate critical thinking beyond confidentiality and consent for treatment!), health promotion and disease prevention taking into consideration patient factors (such as age, ethnic group, etc.), PMH, and other risk factors (e.g., socioeconomic, cultural background, etc.).

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