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Chapter 6 - The Legal and Political Environment of Global Business

Select a peer-reviewed article that review or explains communism, capitalism, and/or socialism. The article must be published between 2012 and 2017. Examples of journals with peer-reviewed articles include Critical Perspectives on International Business, International Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of International Business Research, Journal of International of Trade & Global Business Perspectives, or Management International Review. Make certain the article relates to this course, international business. Provide a one-paragraph summary of the article. Include what you learned from this article in regards to the topics communism, capitalism, and/or socialism.

Note: Be sure to relate your post to Chapter 6 of the e-Text, peer-reviewed article, and other credible source(s) with proper APA in-text citations and references.  Failure to properly cite sources will result in a grade of zero.

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