ECONS101 - What do these economists mean when

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EconS 101 WA 4

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Good for me, good for you, bad for us?

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This video is about the tragedy of the commons:

After watching the video, answer the following questions:

1. What do these economists mean when they sing, “Good for me, good for you, bad for us?”

2. Common pool resources considered in the video include pasture (forage), fisheries, and atmosphere. Explain what the specific problem is for each resource and identify some ways that society has tried to mitigate the problems of that common resource.

EconS 101 WA 4

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Grading Rubric Please include your name, instructor’s name (Dr. Prera), course and section number (EconS 101.03), and writing assignment (Assignment 4) on the top of your assignment. Your essay will be assessed as either ‘Meets expectations’ or ‘Needs improvement’ on each of the criteria in the table below. If your essay needs improvement, you will be given feedback from NetTutor to help you revise it. You have one week from the time you receive your feedback to revise and re-submit the essay to NetTutor for another try – but you only get one second chance. You’ll need to accumulate three acceptable writing assignments to fulfill the writing portion of the course requirements.

Criterion Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Writing The writing is difficult to follow

and/or poorly organized. Transition sentences are absent or ineffective. Typos and/or grammatical errors distract the reader. Source material citations/references needed, but are missing or incorrect.

Ideas are well-organized. Transition sentences effectively connect one idea to the next. The essay is free of typos and grammatical errors. Sources properly cited and referenced.

Economic analysis Explanation of the tragedy of the commons is incorrect or incomplete. Discussion of the three common pool resources is incorrect or incomplete. Potential solutions are not listed for each resource or the explanation is not cogent.

Explanation of the tragedy of the commons is correct and complete. Discussion of the three resources and their problems is correct and complete. Some potential solutions are listed and well explained for each resource

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