Devry BIAM300 2022 March Week 5 Assignment Latest

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BIAM300 Managerial Applications of Business Analytics

Week 5 Assignment   

Course Project Milestone 2

Sometimes it is important to have a resource set up that can be referred to, in the future. A portfolio is a great way to summarize your work for this session and have a resource that you can use in the future. This course project has value for you and will build your personalized portfolio in three steps or Milestones, submitted throughout the course.

Milestone 2:

Milestone 2 - Due in Week 5 (50 Points)

The topics for Milestone 2 will be: Regression Analysis and Data Mining.

Step 1:

Using MS Word:

Select two chart examples of SLR (Simple Linear Regression).

Discuss what the charts mean and why they are important to a manager.

Step 2:

Using MS word:

Define the following terms:

Data Mining

Machine learning

Discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting data mining strategies.

Step 3:

Complete Steps 1 and 2, save your work, and Submit to Canvas.

Step 4:

Save and submit the Word document (template).

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