Economic Assignment - International trade has been a great

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Business Finance - Economics ECONOMIC ASSIGNMENT


(International trade): International trade has been a great boon for many countries and, in general, has been more beneficial for the world than not. However, there are both costs and benefits associated with international trade. Present and discuss two advantages of international trade and two disadvantages of international trade.



(Unemployment): Here are four individuals telling you their stories of how they became unemployed. In a multi-paragraph essay, apply the theories of unemployment to explain the type of unemployment that each of these individuals is facing and explain which of these individuals qualifies for unemployment benefits:

1) Two months ago, Marcelle used to work full time in an automobile manufacturing firm. "The factory where I used to work has closed because our market contracted so much, and so I was laid off. This is happening to people all over the country-all you see in the papers is that economic growth has fallen and incomes across the country have fallen. I have been looking very hard for a new job, but have had no luck yet."

2) Until last week, Dominic used to work full time as a hair-dresser in downtown Cincinnati. "I decided to quit my job, because I want to move to New York City."

3) Until last month, Francine worked part time at a ski resort. "Well, it is summer now, and so the resort is closed. I will apply again in the winter when the snow is back. I am not interested in working until then."

3) Two months ago, Beauvoir had been working full time as a secretary. "I was a good typist, but I don't know how to use a computer. My boss wanted to upgrade the office to computers, and so I was replaced by someone who is computer-savvy. I have been looking for another job, but it appears that I need to learn some computer skills."


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