Milestone 1 - DBHoovers, ProPublica, or American Hospital Directory

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Milestone 1

Select the organization you would like to analyze in part two of the final project using the following resources: DBHoovers, ProPublica, or American Hospital Directory. Present your proposal to the instructor for approval to ensure that you will have access to sufficient financial information on the healthcare organization to complete the final project.

In your proposal, address the following elements:

  • What organization is the focus of your report?
  • Analyze the organization by identifying the sub-industry or type of organization it belongs to (e.g., home care, hospital) and the financial background of the organization.
  • Based upon the information you researched in Module Two, is the organization you selected a nonprofit or for-profit?
  • Finally, considering the sub-industry your organization belongs to, what kind of impact do the economic principles of demand and market/consumer behavior have on this organization’s financial statements? For example, do the statements reflect a spike on revenue during the winter due to increased injuries and accidents related to ice?
  • Support your proposal with a minimum of two cited sources.


DBHoover site:


American Hospital Directory:

Our paper is a short paper, 2-3 paragraphs long that gathers some basic information that will be used in Milestone 3. Basic information is all that is needed for this milestone.

A reminder that the American Healthcare Act (ACA) passed in 2010 and signed into law by then President Obama is our healthcare system. Our class is looking at economic legislation and how it impacts our healthcare system. Therefore, the facility must be a hospital, long term care facility or a healthcare clinic such a health department. The rational is the focus of our class as described in the description of the class. Red Cross, Blood donations, facilities that provide services to healthcare such as staffing, and equipment cannot be used.

The best source of information is the facilities website. For example, if I use St. Jude’s Hospital, I will go to their website and search there for information and financial statements. The financial statements are often found in the communication to the public.  You can use them and cite as a brochure.  Please note that the DBHoover site rarely works. Please find the information by going to the hospital’s website.

Milestone 1 is getting the basic information onto paper for approval. Answer the 5 prompts in the rubric. Please be sure to have a minimum of 2 sources and have the information cited within the paper. I will post finer details for the paper in the Week 3 DB for everyone! 

Please be sure to follow APA format and have a cover page and reference page.  No direct quotes. Summarize and cite the information. For this short paper, almost every sentence will be cited because the information is coming directly from your facilities website even though the information is summarized.

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