Disorders of Gastrointestinal Function - Marcee is a 52-year

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Disorders of Gastrointestinal Function

Marcee is a 52-year-old woman who worked at a reception desk at a company head office. She took some time off when she was treated for colorectal cancer. The Dukes classification was stage I, and the treatment protocol involved surgery and radiation therapy. No one in her family had a history of the disease. Marcee does not drink or smoke, but she does not pay close attention to her diet. At work, her meals consisted mainly of the foods she got from vending machines at the cafeteria. At home, she preferred to heat up frozen dinners or any prepackaged food that required minimal preparation time (Chapter 37, Learning Objective 9).

  1. Review Marcee’s diet. What factors in her dietary choices might contribute to the development of colorectal cancer?
  2. Colorectal cancer often arises from adenomatous polyps. What are the development and histologic features of these polyps?
  3. Colorectal cancer may be a complication in individuals with ulcerative colitis. How are the “pseudopolyps” seen in this disease different from the polyps discussed above?
  4. Why is a fecal occult blood test used as one of the screening tools for colorectal cancer? Explain the procedure for administering the test.
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