Bsure Part 2 - Design a brochure that nursing administration

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Bsure Part2

Design a brochure that nursing administration could use to introduce this theory to their nursing staff, faculty or patients within their nursing clinical unit, education, or research environment.

Do not be carried away by the description of the theory that you forget to align the content of your  brochure with the following rubric.

In a simple and concise manner, describe the selected theory and how it could be useful and relevant to your chosen nursing environment.  Please pay close attention to ensure that you attend to the following criteria:

1. Briefly  describe the  nursing environment that you wish to support (1 %)

2. Describe the  nursing theory/model that you plan to introduce (2 %)

3. What are the  strengths of that nursing theory?  Why is it  useful and  relevant  to that particular  nursing unit, educational or research environment? (2 %)

5. Select any  two concerns below (4 %):

Design a professional brochure that expresses clearly how your chosen theory could be applied to improve quality of any  two of the following areas:


a. Patient care

b. Nursing education

c. Nursing research

d. Health disparities

Definitions are not accepted. Be specific on the application of the theory on patient care, nursing education, nursing research, and health disparities.

7. Creativity:  clarity and  conciseness of the brochure

It provides nurses with the basis for educating patients to care for themselves through collaboration with healthcare providers.

Quality and Safety

Education for Nurses


The QSEN has six different competencies


Patient -Centered Care

The goal of this project is to meet all challenges of the current nurses and future nurses who could improve the safety of healthcare as well as quality of healthcare.

Emphasizes that the nurse must use her brain, heart,  and hands to create healing environments to care for the patient's body, mind, spirit educating patients on how to manage their condition through appropriate practices


Teamwork and Collaboration

Create sanitary conditions for patients, medical tools, clean bed linens, and the health care professionals and hospital environment 6 Informatics

The approach highlights the necessity of utilizing technology to improve communication and decision- making. The significance of technology in increasing patient safety and minimizing medical errors .

I t 's cr it ical to create a sett ing that encourages recovery and supports the patient 's innate capacity for heal ing

3 Evidenced-Based

Practice (EBP)

4 Quality

Improvements (QI)

5 Safety

I t 's cr it ical to give patients a clean and safe environment

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