NUR561 Week 7 Assignment

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NUR561 Week 7 Assignment

you will develop and deliver a 10–15 minute seminar/workshop aimed at the teen or young adult audience on a specific health risk associated with the population. You will submit your presentation using the Panopto recording tool.

* If you predominantly work with a specific population and would like to present a relevant health risk seminar to that population, you must seek instructor approval in advance. Email your instructor through the Virtual Office.

1. Choose a health risk associated with adolescence. Some categories to consider may include:

· Suicide

· Pregnancy

· Substance use and abuse

· Motor vehicle crashes

· Tobacco use

· Sexually transmitted disease

· Domestic violence

· Mental health issues

· Eating disorders

· Nutrition and fitness

2. As the health care advocate, you will present the following to the target audience (adolescents or young adults)in 10-15 slides or screens:

· An overview of the risk factor

· Contributing factors

· Prevalence of the health risk (meaningful data)

· Explain your role with the issue as a health care practitioner/advocate

· Ways to identify a problem and address the issue

· Present an activity or project or exercise for the audience to engage in related to the topic

· Help and support resources

3. In your research materials, incorporate 3–4 current sources with one containing the most current statistics.

4. Use age-appropriate creativity to ensure the message gets across to the selected audience. As you plan your seminar, consider:

· How will you initiate a conversation (rather than give a lecture)?

· How will you keep the attention and respect of this audience?

5. Use APA for citing and referencing your sources.

6. Keep your design and audio appropriate to the audience, yet professional. Your presentation must include both audio and visual components and be professional in nature.

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