Discussion 4, Racism can make you ill

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Discussion 4, Racism can make you ill

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Dr. David Williams is a sociologist and professor at Harvard University.  You might wish to read background information on him . Link (Links to an external site.)


Please watch the following interview of Dr. Williams where he discusses why racism still matters for one's health.  


For this discussion question please address some of the ideas that Dr. Williams discusses, for example.... (see examples listed below). 

You are not expected to answer  the questions listed below.  Consider these questions to be a starting point for your discussion of what you found especially most interesting in Dr. Williams presentation.  You may answer some of the listed  questions or focus on some other points that were discussed in the interview.

Write two paragraphs for your discussion answer.

1.although Dr. Williams focuses primarily on Blacks, who else would he likely include as being disadvantaged with regards to health in the U.S. A.?

2. In explaining what middle class blacks are less likely to be as healthy as white middle class folks he mentions that "our bodies keep a record".  What does he mean by this phrase?

3. Dr. Williams explains the importance of one's zip code as an important predictor... of what and why?

4. What is the significance of the number 265?

5. What was Dr. Todd's finding regarding prescribing pain meds for a broken arm or leg at UCLA Emergency?  How did this compare to his study of Emery University in Atlanta?

6. What is unthinking bias according to Dr. Williams?

7.According to Dr. Williams, would universal health care help reduce the poorer quality of treatment for Blacks and other socially disadvantaged groups?

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