Module 8 Signature Assignmen- Recall from the chapter on the central nervous system (CNS)

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 Module 8 Signature Assignment Description/Directions: Recall from the chapter on the central nervous system (CNS) that the general senses detect such stimuli as touch, pain, and temperature. General senses refer to the fact that these receptors are relatively simple and located throughout the body in both the skin and internal organs. The special senses, in contrast, are so named because they convey a specific type of information from specialized sensory organs in discrete locations of the head. For this assignment you will imagine you are driving or biking on a high-traffic road and you are approaching an intersection with a four-way stop and railroad train track. Additionally, there are three cars in the other lanes of the intersection and visibility is decreased because of foggy weather conditions.

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, including a title and reference slide, with detailed speaker notes on content slides and recorded audio. You will describe what special senses you will and will not use to make the determination to safely proceed into the intersection. Then, in a detailed summary, explain the pathways for each of the special senses involved. Finally, describe how the brain interprets information from each of those special senses. Your submission should include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources to support any of your perspective. Please review the module’s Signature Assignment Rubric before starting this assignment to ensure that you are meeting all the essential requirements. This presentation is worth 400 points for quality content and presentation.


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