Module 1 Exploration Project: Journal Article Review

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Module 1 Exploration Project: Journal Article Review

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For our Module #1 Psychology Exploration Project you will be browsing profession journal articles, then choosing one professional journal article to focus on.  

Chapter 2 from our book will help to offer context for this assignment.  (Chapter 11 can also help if needed.)

Here is a document to help you log into the Chabot Library:

How to Get Into Databases Off Campus 2020.docx

And here is our Module #1 Psychology Exploration Project detailed assignment instructions  and grading rubric:

PSY 2 Response to Article.doc


PSY 2 Response to Article.pdf


Module #1 Psychology Exploration Project instructions and grading rubric


Instructions for:  Response to Professional Journal Article


 The psychology research journal article you choose from the library must be psychology related, include human research participants/subjects, and must have a format that includes an Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion sections (or very similar sections). Sometimes not every section is labelled. There are thousands of professional journal articles in the field of psychology, accessible through the Chabot library that satisfy these criteria. Please take your time in choosing your article.

Your paper should answer the following 10 questions about your professional journal article.   No need to be in essay form. Just list each number 1-10 and respond. DO NOT CUT & PASTE. Answer in your own words as explaining to a friend. 

NOTE: instructions for finding your article are on page 2 below.

Instructions for accessing the Chabot Library are in Canvas next this assignment document.


  1. What is the title of your journal article? When was it written? What journal was it in?

  2. Does the psychology research journal article you chose include human participants and have a format that includes an Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion sections? (answer should be “YES”)

  3. What was fun, surprising, or interesting about finding and reading your journal article?

  4. How many references are included in the reference list for your article?

  5. What is your journal article about?

  6. Who are the participants in the study? Tell me a little about the age, gender, race or ethnicity of the participants, how they were included, how many participants there were, etc.

  7. How was the study done? Try to describe the research design, as best you can.

  8. What were some of the results?

  9. What were some of the questions and/or key points from the Discussion section?

  10. Relate your article to at least two terms from our Study Guide, Bold the terms.



-----------------------------------------[please do not write below this line]-------------------------------------------- 



Mostly YES


Mostly NO

1. Includes article title, date, & journal title.


2. Includes humans, abstract, intro, method, results, & discussion.


3. Explains what was fun, surprising, or interesting.


4. States number of references.


5. Tells what the article is about.


6. Tells about participants’ demographics and selection.


7. Attempts to escribes method for the study.


8. Describes some of the results.


9. Describes some discussion questions.


10. Relates article to 2 terms from our study guide 





How to find a peer reviewed/professional journal article through the Chabot Library.


  1. Go to the Chabot College homepage

  2. Click on LIBRARY (if of campus log in)

  3. If off campus follow the library instructions and/or see the login help sheet in our Canvas site, Module 1.

  4. Click on MAGAZINES, JOURNAL, and  NEWSPAPER ARTICLES (left side)

  5. Click on Academic Search Complete (middle)

  6. Type in your search terms or topic words (upper left)

(You pick your search terms that you are interested in. Some examples could be depression, test anxiety, alcohol, anger. Try any words you like)

  1. Consider checking the FULLTEXT box (pros/cons as discussed in class)

  2. Consider checking the PEER REVIEWED box (pros/cons as discussed in class)

  3. Click SEARCH


Remember to be sure that your article satisfies our other requirements for the assignment. (see assignment description)


HINT: spending more time choosing your article, so that you pick an article that you are interested in and can make sense out of, will save you lot and lots of time later and lead to more fun!! 

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