Discuss Market For Beta Testing

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Discuss Market For Beta Testing

After launching a new web platform on the market for beta testing, your company has received multiple complaints regarding the functionalities of the product that were centralized in the table below.


You were tasked to prepare a Pareto chart and prioritize the complaints. Which are the ones that you suggest being handled first? Explain your proposal in a few sentences. How does your result align with the Pareto rule, which states that 80% of the problems are caused by 20% of the causes? Therefore, 20% effort, 80% benefits will be reached.  

Type of complaint

No. of complaints

More than 30 sec to launch


· Not optimized for all browsers


Some links included in the pages are not functioning


The integrated payment system displays errors


Written code appears on some of the pages


· Not responsive (display not customized for different devices)


One menu button is not active (nothing happens when clicked)


· The platform is difficult to navigate (information not found easily)


The colour combination is tiresome for the eye


· The contact form is not working (when submitted, nothing happens)


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