Devry HRM340 2022 March Week 7 Discussion Latest

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HRM340 Human Resource Information Systems

Week 7 Discussion

Talent Management and Teamwork: They are Related

It is imperative that you understand the growing importance of teams in the workplace. Many people are walking around quoting a well-known phrase: "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work". I am not sure who coined the phrase but I eagerly embrace it and will keep it going. As we complete the session and the final phase of your team project, use this area to discuss the importance of team members pulling their own weight (or not) and making valuable contributions to the project (or not). Also, discuss a great team experience that you have had as well as, a bad experience that you have had. What is your honest opinion about "teamwork" in the college environment? Since you are required to make 3 viable posts, feel free to grab one item per post and comment on it, per day. Also feel free to comment on others' posts.

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